Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sew-a-row sesion 2 - July

This month we made Delectable Mountains and Drunkard's path - sounds like a session of quilting sin! Both blocks were deceptively easy, and eveyone got on well with these two rows.

Here are Janis, Rosemary and Margaret beavering away. Betty and Rachel were sharing a machine and getting on very quickly with their mountains.The blocks were a little challenging to assemble at first, but Pauline soon got into the swing of things. The Drunkard's Path blocks were shown to be very versatile. Rachel's are arranged into a Jockey Cap arrangement.Pauline was able to put hers in this design, which would have been ideal to expand into a full sized quilt instaed of a row.

Janis liked this arrangement - perfect for a row of blocks.There was a lot of playing going on, and Betty found this fabulous pattern! Again, it's too big for our purposes, but just shows the possibilities with such a simple starting block.

The next session in September will be to make a foundation pieced block - Dancing Squares,and a block using templates, Laced Star. then only two more rows and we're done!