Monday, 8 October 2012

Roll up bag

The next class will be on November 3rd - sorry I had to change it from the original date as my husband has decided to have his 60th birthday party on that day, and I think I'll be needed at home!  Here is a photo of the roll up bag.  I used a nice border print for the outside.
Here it is unrolled, so you can see the zipped plastic pockets, the little pocket with a tab and the needle case.

And here is a close up of the top, to show the inner pocket, and the reason you need Velcro (or some sort of fastening) to keep things from falling out!

I haven't yet finalised the dates for next year, but the classes will be, free machine quilting and quilt as you go (11 votes), improvised pieced houses (11 votes), magic tile (11 votes), using a jelly roll (9 votes), granny squares (8 votes) and turning leaves (8 votes).  Sounds like a great plan!