Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mariner's Compass

The September meeting will be to make a Mariner's Compass block.  This 16 point one isn't very hard, especially if you're familiar with paper piecing.  This method helps very much with ensuring accuracy. 
If you're an unfamiliar or unconfident paper piecer, then you could start with this smaller, less complicated compass.  It'll still help you get home!


For the first compass you will need at least 2 different fabrics for the spokes and a maximum of 16.  One fabric for the centre circle and one for the centre ring.  A fat quarter of each will be plenty. 
Half a yard of star ray background fabric and then a similar amount for the square background.
For the second compass you will need between 1 and 8 different fabrics for the rays, a fat eighth for the ray background, a 5" square for the centre circle and a 12" square of background fabric.

For both you will need a post card, paper scissors, freezer paper, kitchen foil, cereal box cardboard, pair of compasses, spray starch.  (If you don’t have the last 5 items, don’t go out and buy them, I have plenty.)