Monday, 4 February 2013

Magic tile

The class on 9th March will be the stunning Magic Tile.  This design isn't too tricky (if you concentrate on what you're doing!) but produces a unique result.  Lots of people make the design in jewel colours, with black 'grout', but you don't have to.  Pastel colours with cream 'grout' would be good, or use complimentary colours (green fabrics with red or orange 'grout' for eaxample would be lovely).

I used analagous colours for my quilt, red, orange and pink, which lie together on the colour wheel.  You could try blue/purple/green, green/blue/yellow or any colours round the colour wheel.  If you're still at a loss on colour choice, Google 'magic tile' and find a colour combination you like.
You will need a fat quarter of fabric for every completed tile you make (my nine tiles took nine FQs, so buy 12 or 16 if you want a bigger quilt), and a metre or metre and a half of the 'grout' colour.  Bring a piece of paper 15" square and a pencil, and the longest ruler you have. 
I'm looking forward to seeing all the different colour choices!