Saturday, 14 January 2012

Scrap triangles bonanza!

What fun everyone had with the Rebecca Collins scrap triangles pattern! The results were impressive!

Sarah, Alison and Pauline had a very productive day. Sarah made blocks from old shirts, Alison had brought background fabric of lime green (great choice) and Pauline had brought fabric from her 'pink phase' which needed using up. Way to go! Margaret decided to move out of her comfort zone (fabric wise) and had chosen some gorgeous black, white and red fabrics. These will make a stunning quilt.

Liz had opted for just two fabrics - batiks in pink and navy blue (or is it black?) and she tried out this novel arangement. In the end she decided on a star design, like Margaret's.

Rachel chose rich browns and beiges, and has made a pinwheel out of them. She is thinking of making more and then sashing them in plain dark brown. Good decision.Hazel only wanted to make a few blocks for a cushion. This design will do the trick (and she doesn't need a button in the middle, as her join is perfect!)

Sarah had started this quilt using old shirtings, soft and subtle, ages ago. She decided to make a border from triangle blocks - perfect choice.Debbie and Sian like pretty things, and fell for this heart arrangement. This is Sian's, and this is Debbie's. She is going to use it as the backing for a crocheted blanket she had made for a friend's baby. Lucky baby.

The next class will be on 10th March when we will be tackling curves. I'll post photos and requirements later.

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