Monday, 11 June 2012

July class - applique with fusible web

In July we will tackle applique using fusible web.  This means that the design is stuck onto the background, but as the edges are all raw, and the glue isn't totally permanent, we will need to stitch round the shapes to secure them.  For this class I will teach a close zigzag, so you need to make sure your machine has a zigzag stitch and an appropriate foot.
I have chosen this lovely design from 'Creative Patchwork' as it is very simple, with hardly any points or tricky shapes - just a few so you get the technique.  I know there's quite a lot to it, but believe me, it's very straightforward but looks really impressive when complete.
For this you will need:
1 yard of fusible web. Brands are Heat and Bond or Bondaweb. Make sure you buy the sewable not the ultra. If you can't get any, or aren't sure, I will bring some on the day and you can buy it from me at £3.25 per yard.
A piece of background fabric 16½”square. Make sure this is good quality, as flimsy fabric will pucker when you sew it.
Small amounts of fabric (about 9” square) for leaves and stems, flowers, a bird, a flowerpot.
Threads to closely match the fabrics you have chosen.
A sewing machine with a zigzag stitch, paper and fabric scissors, a pencil and usual sewing kit.
If you have a table ironing board and iron, it would be very useful.

If you are feeling really daunted by the design above, I will include the pattern for this alternative design, a basket of flowers.  This is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, as there are no points or tricky bits at all, just straightforward sewing.  For this you will need half a yard of fusible web (as above), an 11.5" piece of background fabric, again, make sure it's good quality or you will be disappointed.  Then a piece of fabric for your basket about 9" square, five small pieces (say 4" square) of fabric for the flowers, and one or more pieces of green for the leaves. Threads to closely match the fabrics you have chosen, sewing machine, fabric and paper scissors and a pencil..   
See you in July!

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