Sunday, 30 June 2013

Granny squares

This post has been such a long time in coming, but I'm afraid I've had oother things on my mind, so no apologies.  First of all, show and tell.  This is Emily's first completed quilt!  It's a lovely cot quilt which I am sure will be appreciated by its new owner.  Well done there, Emily!

And here are some Magic Tiles from last time's class.  All looking so good!


 Then is was heads down and sew!  Julie and Rachel were hot off the mark.

Sue and Hazel were still cutting while Sian was already machining!

Lots of activity from Paula, Rosemary, June and Betty.

And it's a finish from Sian!  She had some lovely novelty fabric which she didn't want to cut up, so made this giant block!  Fabulous!

Here is an arrangement, waiting to be joined together.

One down, next one ready for joining.

I'm endlessly fascinated how value can channge the look of a block.  The one above is a clear 'X' shpae, while others look like squares, or stripes.

Pretty pastels.


Three blocks, all with a different look.

Lime green always looks so good!

Pretty in pink (and green).

Another set giving very different effects.

Playing, playing, it's the best way to learn.

The brown adds such definition to this colour scheme.

The blue background is the perfect foil for these colours.

And now for the next meeting.  It will be on 6th July and you will need a jelly roll (or yardage to cut 36 two and a half inch strips from).  Try to get one which has lots of similar values, rther than one which has everything from light to dark.  You also need two and a half metres of background fabric.  The whole quilt top (including the border triangles) will be made from that.
See you on Saturday!

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  1. See all those wonderful granny blocks makes me want to get my 2.5" squares out and make another granny quilt! :o)