Monday, 26 August 2013

Turning leaves quilt

September's quilt will be 'Turning Leaves'.  It's a nifty technique which can be used for all kinds of images, and is very easy to do. 
Here is mine which I made in autumnal shades of green, brown, gold and burgundy.  You could do the same, or have more spring-like shades of greens or go onto a non-natural palette of primary colours or neons!  The important thing is to make sure you have darks and lights, or at least fabrics with a definite contrast (can you see the leaf with the mid-green background just under top left?  That adds a bit of interest.  You'll need several different colours plus some way of appliqueing the leaves onto the background.  You can use Heat and Bond, or I'll show you how to make a faux needleturned result using lightweight Vilene.  Bring whichever you would prefer, but I'll bring some Vilene so everyone can have a go at this method on the day, even if you plan to stick your leaves. 
See you on the 14th September!


  1. You make very beautiful quilts.
    I live in Dorset and have just begun making quilts, but I do not have a machine and am hand-sewing. Will you accept this sort of quilt? I have the phone number of a lady here, but as I am on Google+ and have found you here, it seemed better to write to you.

    1. Hi Jacqui,
      Before the sewing machine was invented in 1856 everything was made by hand. Quilts, dresses, trousers, coats, military uniforms, sheets - the lot! Of course hand work is acceptable - it's even enviable! I'm happy to accept hand made - and am jealous of your skill!